If you’re struggling to adopt DCT or manage your disparate trial data, encapsia is the solution for you.

eSource for de-centralised trials using Home Visit to capture data at the Patients home – encapsia’s revolutionary platform lets you manage, visualize, and analyze all your data from portfolio to patient level.

Encapsia handles data ingest from any source – common examples being ePRO/eCOA, RWE, labs, CTMS, IRT. With powerful, out of the box visualization for key data like patient profiles.

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When you need a modern DCT platform - powerful, flexible, innovative – choose encapsia

  • Home visits: conduct a trial visit at a patient’s home using BYOD iPad app
  • eSource: Direct Data Capture (DDC) designed for iPad and accessible from the App Store anywhere in the world
  • Smooth patient interaction: Sites can request drug dispensation, perform drug accountability, or randomize directly in encapsia.
  • Less monitoring: With DDC there is no data transcription, so no source data verification (SDV), reducing the burden on monitors
  • Data quality: Complex validation checks run on data entry giving clean data immediately
  • Adaptability and easy adoption: encapsia supports both EDC and eSource DDC within the same study, allowing clinical teams the flexibility to manage site preferences or capabilities as needed
  • Inbuilt visualizations of clinical data and metadata support monitoring and oversight of study progress, enabling all stakeholders to make faster decisions
  • Third party data, for example from laboratories or wearables, can be uploaded by the user or by automated transfer rules with minimal intervention
  • Database availability: encapsia is available 24 x 7 for the entire study team with no end user downtime for mid-study design changes or maintenance.
  • Straightforward integration with other systems to support simplified site workflows e.g. eCOA, ePRO, patient randomization or legacy EDC.

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“I’m very familiar with other major systems. encapsia is at a completely different and a higher level. I have seen nothing like it before.”

Global Head of Data, Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company

“I like the way it is future focused. You’ve designed it not just for today’s studies but with the future in mind.”

Global Head of Data, Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company

“The system definitely enhanced the ability of our scientific and medical experts to assess trends and outliers with a high degree of certainty in the integrity of the data””

Sponsor study team

“… [based on our experience] encapsia is an outstanding product!”

Senior Manager, Clinical Informatics, Top 5 Pharma

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