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Encapsia joins forces with Endpoint

At encapsia, we are pleased to be working with a like-minded partner in endpoint. With both organizations focused on simplifying the user experience and management of complex trials through technology, it was a natural step to integrate our two state-of-the-art technology systems to drive innovation and generate significant efficiencies in the clinical trial space.

With encapsia, site users no longer need to use a separate IRT system – they do all their work in encapsia. Complex IRT tasks like managing randomization, drug supply and inventory management, and drug dispensation can now be performed in real-time using the single interface and unified database of encapsia. This revolutionary advancement frees the site users from the time and complexity of working with multiple systems, bringing operational freedom with cost savings that carry through to the entire clinical study.

“One of several direct data collection (DDC) options within encapsia®, eSource DDC holds significant promise for the industry as a standalone option, but its major benefit is bringing simplicity to the complex clinical trials ecosystem of technology and services. To that end, over 2-and-a-half years ago, we leveraged the dynamic architecture of encapsia with the hyper-integration approach endpoint uses in a joint effort to tightly connect systems into one continuum of experience for the sites and study managers alike,” says Temitope Keyes, Executive Director at Cmed Technology.

“The encapsia and endpoint teams have demonstrated a deep commitment to partnership, client success, technological innovation, and thought leadership in the industry that drives our mutual ability to deliver a highly harmonized set of systems together successfully. We provide an intuitive and seamless solution for clinical supplies and clinical operations workflows, always in compliance while utilizing dynamic data in near-real-time.”

This partnership is part of the ConnectionPOINT program which has the sole mission to nurture a sustainable, scalable infrastructure amongst a network of strong, vetted partnerships in support of eClinical business and technology, predicated on the principles of creating opportunities, driving innovation, and harmonizing delivery across the trials ecosystem.

As the complexity of clinical trials steadily increases, encapsia and endpoint are dedicated to minimizing the burden on site staff and provide them with an optimal “consumer-like” experience.
Other partners in ConnectionPOINT are TSS, a leading global provider of temperature monitoring technology and services and McCreadie Group, provider of innovative web-based software for pharmacy education and clinical drug research.

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Encapsia joins forces with Endpoint

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Innovative technology for clinical trials is now, more than ever, necessary to deliver decentralized trials (DCT) and enable design of hybrid protocols that support trial continuity and patient-centricity. We’ve added new capabilities for encapsia, after we’ve seen increased demand for its use in decentralized trials. Encapsia delivers a complete solution to gather and manage multiple live clinical data sources and apply real-time data management, sophisticated visualizations, analytics, and AI. Encapsia was designed to address the pain around remote collection, integration, and availability of disparate data.
Decentralized trials are defined by the FDA as the decentralization of clinical trial operations where technology is used to communicate with study participants and collect data. These trials can be fully DCT (the study participant can participate in the entire clinical trial from their home or other convenient location) or hybrid DCT (combine the use of both sites and remote locations and is currently the most common type of DCT being implemented).
We are excited to announce that Cmed has today joined the AIXIAL Group and ALTEN Group. ALTEN is a world leader in Engineering and Technology consulting with 37,000 engineers and scientists located in more than 30 countries throughout the world. It serves customers in a range of industries and has a depth and breadth of experience and expertise across life sciences, software development and artificial intelligence. AIXIAL Group, an ALTEN company, is a CRO renowned for its flexible and functional resourcing.