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Cmed’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Written by Cmed Technology
23 Mar 2020

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in Cmed and encapsia during these uncertain times. We are continuously monitoring the evolving circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and continue to operate as normal. ~ Our highest priority is to maintain the health and safety of our people, customers, partners and suppliers while meeting our service commitments. Cmed has implemented a range of measures in line with World Health Organization guidance to minimise the risks for employees and customers. Business Continuity procedures have been in place since 10th March 2020 and the Cmed Management Committee meets on a daily basis to monitor the situation.

Despite the recent issues in many countries, we are still able to provide technology solutions for all our customers as normal. During these difficult times, encapsia continues to operate with 100% uptime. We are proud to offer industry leading software and features to give our customers the utmost flexibility to allow their studies to continue through all eventualities.

We believe we are all in this together and will continue to follow our Cmed Guiding Principle: We are one team.

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Modern technologies support agile processes for clinical trials 95% of attendees to our webinar this week agreed with the central message that processes and supporting technologies commonly used in clinical trials are outdated, and furthermore they contributed to the huge disruption of clinical trials caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Systems and methods for data collection, monitoring, review and analysis have evolved in a piecemeal fashion, and whether well suited or not, are normally “bolted together”.
This was one of several deliberately thought-provoking questions raised in our webinar last month, “COVID-19: The catalyst for long overdue change in clinical trial technologies and processes”. In the first session, Gurpal Ahluwalia (Partner at BDO Life Sciences) assessed the disruptive impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials and the reasons why the industry has found itself in such difficulty. Cmed CEO, David Connelly, then shared some further perspective on the shortcomings of existing technologies and processes and suggested these contributed to the degree of disruption caused by the pandemic.
Question: Your webinar presentation earlier this week was quite provocative. Could you tell us a bit more about your background? TCC: I started writing software and building computers from scratch from a very early age. My father and I ran an educational software company when I was a teenager, and then I went on to read Engineering and Computer Science at Oxford, capping this with a DPhil in AI before co-founding Cmed Technology - a lifetime writing, designing and creating enterprise platforms with a specialism and passion for the clinical trial space.