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Cmed reaches 20 years of zero downtime for clinical database services

Written by Cmed
12 Dec 2019

Cmed Technology announces 20 years of clinical trial software provision and hosting with zero downtime.

Encapsia is Cmed’s clinical data suite designed around a unified clinical database with user-centric apps to support all trial processes and a full cloud architecture. The inherent flexibility of this structure means mid study protocol amendments or technical system updates can be made with no disruption for users. In this respect, much of the knowledge and experience of Cmed’s previous technology platform, Timaeus, was applied to encapsia.

No downtime has significant benefits for trial sites as they can enter data without interruption, avoiding one of the causes of data entry backlogs. The encapsia apps for EDC and direct data capture eSource are designed to be fast and user friendly, even coping with intermittent internet access at sites. In combination, these features mean trial sites report a better experience with encapsia.

With no delays in data entry and all data held in a single unified database, sponsors benefit from live views of trial data that can be actioned within encapsia, for example improving data monitoring and data review.

Dr Timothy Corbett-Clark, Chief Technology Officer of Cmed said “We’re delighted to reach our latest milestone with no system downtime for our clients for 20 years.

“No Downtime means continuous, uninterrupted access by users, 24 / 7, regardless of database updates, trial configuration changes, or system upgrades. Nobody expects social media to go down for updates, so why not expect the same from modern EDC systems too?”

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Question: Your webinar presentation earlier this week was quite provocative. Could you tell us a bit more about your background? TCC: I started writing software and building computers from scratch from a very early age. My father and I ran an educational software company when I was a teenager, and then I went on to read Engineering and Computer Science at Oxford, capping this with a DPhil in AI before co-founding Cmed Technology - a lifetime writing, designing and creating enterprise platforms with a specialism and passion for the clinical trial space.
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The global COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally impacted the way we live our lives as well as the operation of the entire drug development community. During the early stages of the pandemic the Cmed leadership team has implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of our employees, clients and partners, as well as ensuring the continued delivery of our CRO services and our encapsia clinical data system. Our goal has been to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on our business, our clients, investigator sites and patients.