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Challenges and Opportunities in Clinical Data Management

A recent survey on the challenges and opportunities in clinical data management by Pharma Intelligence reveals the most pressing issues today include the absence of real-time access to clinical trial data and that 90% of the effort involved in aggregating, cleaning and transforming data is manual. Moreover, over 80% of the respondents considered that incomplete and inconsistent data represents the top issue for regulatory compliance. Lastly, perhaps one of the most important findings was that eSource data is the future - finding ways to clean and manage new forms of data will be the next step in the progress of clinical trials.

The survey was conducted on 155 qualified respondents from biotechs, large pharma companies and CROs, representing a significant voice of the market.

These findings came as no surprise as we see some of these same challenges facing the industry. The current patchwork of often quite dated clinical data systems and the use of separate tools, with inadequate interoperability usually leads to data lag, data errors, process inefficiencies, and regulatory challenges. As well as this, poor management and insight into trial progress and a lack of timely decision making are always a concern.

However, leveraging today’s technologies now offers an opportunity to address many of the principal trial process issues, with significant improvements in time, cost, and the quality of data collected.

That’s why at Cmed we created Encapsia, a powerful clinical data suite that delivers a complete solution to gather and manage data in clinical trials and give true, live insights on trial progress to inform and enhance management decisions.

Encapsia allows data to be captured flexibly, for example by mobile direct data capture (eSource), multi-media and web EDC. Data can be viewed live in visual insights and can provide real time analytics of both clinical metrics and trial performance.

Observations and issues can be highlighted, shared with study stakeholders, actioned, tracked and automatically compiled into clear auditable formats. The Encapsia suite is fully compliant with all relevant regulatory standards. The suite has also been designed to easily integrate with existing EDC platforms allowing customers to benefit from selected enhancements without having to displace all incumbent solutions.

We built Encapsia for the future of clinical trials. And we’d love to show you more.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Clinical Data Management

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It is no secret that there is a digital transformation happening across life sciences and healthcare. This seismic shift is being facilitated by cutting-edge technology that is enabling the interrogation and aggregation of the vast quantities of data that we now have at our fingertips. The adoption of automated processes using technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), which incorporates human intelligence into machines through a set of rules, and machine learning (ML), an application of AI whereby the computer learns automatically through its experiences, is key to collecting and analyzing the vast and varied data that is now available and facilitating a move to a personalized approach to medicine.
As the ways in which clinical trials are conducted and monitored continue to modernize at pace, there is an urgent need for digital transformation in the industry. If sponsors are to realize their goals of running flexible, decentralized trials (DCT), risk-based management (RBM), or adaptive trials while adopting big data, artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML), the emphasis must now be on technology solutions that optimize clinical trial data workflows by bringing the technology to the data.
Innovative technology for clinical trials is now, more than ever, necessary to deliver decentralized trials (DCT) and enable design of hybrid protocols that support trial continuity and patient-centricity. We’ve added new capabilities for encapsia, after we’ve seen increased demand for its use in decentralized trials. Encapsia delivers a complete solution to gather and manage multiple live clinical data sources and apply real-time data management, sophisticated visualizations, analytics, and AI. Encapsia was designed to address the pain around remote collection, integration, and availability of disparate data.