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It’s time to bring the technology to the data.
Step forward with encapsia and transform your trials through nimble and agile technology.

A new era of clinical research has begun where the old ways of recruiting, conducting studies, and analyzing data are simply no longer viable.

A truly revolutionary, powerful and holistic platform, encapsia allows you to manage, explore, visualize, and analyze clinical data effectively, so you can move your trials forward in a new reality, whilst saving time and money.

Encapsia is built to handle this future, and the next. Why wait?

Decentralized Trials

Encapsia frees you from traditional site-based limitations, giving you more options to increase efficiency, reduce the burden on the patient and significantly improve Investigator-Patient relationships, increasing patient retention. When combined with eSource DDC, integration with functions such as eConsent, IRT services, encapsia offers unparalleled site and patient satisfaction bring you real benefits in speed and cost savings.

Encapsia’s unique range of intuitive entry and review modalities, together with straightforward integration with expert systems such as RTMS, eConsent, ePRO, etc lets you adopt decentralization options with confidence.

Regardless of the collection option - EDC, DDC, Home visit or integration, encapsia surfaces all data (clinical and meta) immediately in interactive visualizations enabling up to the minute oversight and unmatched immediacy to your decision making.

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Why encapsia?


Live data visibility

Real-time data surfaced through powerful visualisations provide instantaneous analysis of all trial data including third-party lab, ECG, biomarker, sensor and others.


The fastest, most informed decisions

Encapsia is based on a single data repository and management environment, delivering truly integrated data analytics across all data, instantly, allowing quick, data-driven decisions.


Straightforward integration

Simple and fast integration with expert providers or your legacy EDC or data management system bringing the advantages and benefits of encapsia with minimal risk.


Flexibility at heart

Encapsia lets you choose - mobile direct data capture (eSource), Home Visit – both with multi-media, web EDC as well as integration with any other required data source such as wearable or handheld patient operated medical devices.


Future proof

Purposefully built to leverage the cloud, robust and flexible single repository, boasting unrivalled speed of development keeping encapsia at the forefront of client needs. Protecting your investment and providing unmatched flexibility to meet any future needs and requirements.


Reduce time and cost

Data captured directly eliminates transcription. Edit checks fire immediately on entry resulting in less errors, less data to verify and lower costs. Seamless on and offline modes support true site flexibility and deliver an unsurpassed Site experience.

It's so much more than "just" an EDC...

Introducing encapsia – the holistic solution for your trials, all under one license:


Sites can collect data directly during the patient visit, eliminating transcription and removing the need for SDV.


A second life for traditional EDC, making data transcription easier and more intuitive. With immediate complex error checking, increased clean data lowers downstream management activity, saving money and time.

Home Visit

Conduct a trial visit at the patient’s home, instead of getting the patient to arrange travel to site


Delivering the promise of truly actionable insights. Immediate & live, intuitive and interactive data visualizations and dashboards allow you to see and interact in real-time with all data in the system, saving time, money and needless frustration.

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Analyze all your clinical data in real time, in one system with a single representation of ​the data.

Conduct: DM and Monitoring

A fully functioned environment for Data managers, CRAs and Project Managers to manage, track, review and clean entered data.

Loader and Review: Third Party Data

Significantly reduce your time to create, load and reconcile third party data. All data is stored in the one system with immediate and automatic reconciliation thereby removing end the traditional end loading saving time and money.


Sites can manage clinical data, randomization, inventory management as well as drug dispensation in one user interface, in real-time.

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Medical Coding

Code data automatically on entry whilst providing an intuitive and powerful interface for more manual operations. Encapsia learns from your choices, with fully featured synonym & stop words for instance, increasing coding consistency with less effort.